We offer personalized house cleaning plans for busy families who appreciate sustainable cleaning practices, the use of non-toxic cleaning products, and who want a sparkling clean home from a team of cleaners who enJOY their work!

Safe for people, pets, and the environment!

Let go of your stress and worries, have our cleaning team clean your home this week!

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Because we take pride in the impeccable services we offer, we love to come and meet you and walk through the spaces you want cleaned, so we can be sure to provivide you with an accurate estimate, and ensure we're offering you the cleaning service plan you're looking for! 

Look no further, we provide personalized cleaning plans!

We are sustainable. Eco friendly. Earth Friendly.

Trust that we have your best interest in mind. 

Know we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We truly take pride in the pristine cleaning services we offer

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Choose The Cleaning Plan That's right for you: 

We'll Adjust it to accomodate your cleaning needs, with additions or subtractions to the services being offered. 

Our Standard clean is a maintenance cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom(s), and living areas that is offered to up keep the cleanliness of the home!

Our routine clean is our standard cleaning offered in a variety of schedules:

We offer Routine Cleans on the following Schedule(s):

4 times/month

2 times/month

1 time/month

A deep clean is ideal for homes that haven’t been professionally cleaned in the past 6 months. Here, we provide a more in-depth service, where we clean more areas of the home in depth. This is the best option for a first time clean, or for cleaning homes larger than a 2 bed, 2 bath home

We offer a new home/or construction cleaning package. We clean up all the grime and dirt and dust pre-move in, so you have a sparkling clean home to move into! See below for all that this cleaning includes, and contact us to book a free estimate!

New Home or Construction Cleaning Servies

A move in/out cleaning is a detailed service that is intended to turn a home back into its original state after residents have left, making it ready for new homeowners. Services included in this clean are cleaning inside appliances such as the oven, dishwasher, and fridge, cleaning inside of cabinets, and cleaning baseboards.

Move In/Out 

Cleaning Services

Pre-event Cleaning: 

We offer an individualized pre-event cleaning, focusing on the areas of the home that are used by guests, and making a clean presentation for guests of your home. 

Post-event cleaning:

We offer a personalized post-event cleaning package. In this cleaning, we focus on and areas used by guests during events hosted at your home. We clean up after  the event, to bring your home back to being sparkling clean.


Cleaning Services

Interior of Large Appliances: Fridge, stove deep clean, Stove drip pan, stove hood, oven, and even dishwasher

Interior of Small Appliances: A microwave, toaster oven

Dish Washing Services

Closets and Storage Areas

Artificial and Live Plant Cleaning

Inside of trash cans

Inside cabinets and drawers

Light fixtures

Mirrored walls

*Special cleaning projects may be accepted upon request, please reach out to us with special cleaning inquiries.

Special Cleaning Services

We offer professional window cleaning services. We provide residential interior and exterior window cleaning for 1 or 2 story residential properties. We use biodegradable cleaners to clean the windows, offer packages that include cleaning blinds/frames/sills and tracks. Ask us about our previous business ventures! We provide crystal clean window cleaning services at a competitive rate; you won’t be disappointed by the results! Our service is professional and impeccable.

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Window Cleaning Services