Standard Clean

A Standard Clean Includes:

Kitchen and Dining Room: 

Clean dirt and grime off of counters, wipe down, and disinfect

Hand-wash stovetop, wipe down top and face of stove, and knobs

Clean dirt and grime from stove top, stove trays/heating element/burners

Hand-wash microwave exterior and interior and small appliance exteriors

Hand-wash exterior of cabinet doors

Clean and disinfect handles

Hand-wash fridge exterior

Hand-wash kitchen appliance exteriors

Hand-wash sink

Shine stainless steel and kitchen sink

Dust/clean tables and chairs

Garbage removal

Vacuum/sweep and steam clean/mop floors


Wipe down, disinfect countertops, sink, and faucet.

Clean toilet and toilet bowl, disinfect

Clean shower/bath, scrub, and disinfect

Mop and squeegee mirror and shower doors 

Wipe down front of cabinet doors and disinfect handles 

Garbage removal

Sweep and steam clean/mop floors

Living areas:

Walls: Dust items hanging on wall (frames/shelves, décor) 

Furniture: Dust/wipe down. 

Doors: Dust, wipe down, disinfect door handles

Floors: Sweep/Steam Clean/Vacuum

Floor Mats: Vacuum

Stairs: Sweep/Steam clean/Vacuum, dust, wipe down banister, disinfect